Siouxlanders weigh in on gun laws

Siouxlanders weigh in on gun laws

The mass shooting in Parkland Florida last month was the most recent spark in the debate over nationwide gun control but what do Siouxlanders think of the issue? We took to the streets to hear what they had to say about the topic including the debate over weapons in the classroom.

"I don't think teachers need to carry guns, because especially at my school we had a security officer so I feel like they already is some authoritative presence," said Elizabeth Madden.

"I would like to that up for the teachers, whether they feel like they can handle themselves or they can't, that's up to the teachers themselves," said Peggy La.

"And I don't believe guns have any place in the classrooms," said Michael Larkin.

The lingering question seems to be whether or not this debate needs to be on the national stage or at the local level.

"It needs to be a national debate, because I feel like if it's a state debate, it's harder to enforce," said Madden.

"If we are under attack and we have people coming in and out of our country, it's better nationally," said La.

"I think a national should do it, because states vary too much on that. I think there should be a national restriction. I think Congress should pass laws that are enforceable," said Larkin.

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