South Sioux City church holding "drive-in" services this summer

Local church holding "drive-in" services this summer

A South Sioux City church, Nebraska is taking their sermons from the sanctuary out into the parking lot.

I stopped by the First Lutheran Church on Dakota Avenue this afternoon for the first "drive-in" service of the summer.

Don't worry, these drivers aren't honking their horns at each other. In fact, at this church, honking actually means "Amen".

Members at this church are staying in the comfort of their vehicle and rolling down their windows for a "drive-in" service.

That's right, a "drive-in" right at the parking lot.

"It's wonderful," said Kathy Blair.

"This is our favorite service to come to," Linda Swanson.

"You can enjoy the nice day out and listen to the pastor and the songs," said Breck Swanson.

Listening to this Sunday's sermon behind the wheel and taking in all the words of wisdom from Pastor Doug Dill.

"And this is a way for them to reach out for the first time, to hear the word. And if it's safer for them to in a car for the first time, then I want them to do that," said Dill.

Council President Chad Cain says drive-in Sundays started a few years ago, as a way to change up their routine.

"You're able to come here and feel the sun and sit in a comfort zone," said Cain.

And not just a comfort zone, but a prayer zone for the dozens of people who showed up today.

Church members say they appreciate this unique style of worship.

"You can come relax, you can park in the front row, the back row," said Blair.

"And it's outdoors, and I think it's a different way to get church on a Sunday," said Linda Swanson.

"It's really fun," Lillie Likes.

"We pray in Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen," said Dill.

Drive-in services take place the first week of each month.

The next Drive-In service is at 10:30 am on July 1st, followed by another one on August 5th, at 3601 Dakota Avenue in South Sioux City.

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