S. Sioux City looking to charge former student following threats against high school

S. Sioux City looking to charge former student following threats against high school

DEC. 6, 2018:

South Sioux City Police say they are seeking to file criminal charges against the man whose social media post led to a lockout at the local High and Middle schools Wednesday.

20-year-old Douglas Portillo-Perez was initially arrested in Sioux City for "making terroristic threats", but was released when Iowa prosecutors declined to pursue charges.

South Sioux City Police Lieutenant Chris Chernock tells us his officers have applied for an arrest warrant for "disturbing the peace".

Portillo-Perez is a former South Sioux City student.

Another juvenile student has been given a 5-day suspension by South Sioux City schools in connection with the lockout.

DEC. 5, 2018:

5:00 PM Police in Sioux City have a man in custody in connection with threats against South Sioux City High School posted on social media.

It all started with a statement on the social media platform "Snapchat."

According to the South Sioux City Police Department, a South Sioux City student posted the statement "everything is ready for tomorrow."

That statement alone alarmed students in the high school, who reported the post to school staff and the high school went into lockout immediately.

"The ultimate source of knowledge in these cases is almost always our students. Anything alarming we definitely want to know that immediately and we will put our threat assessment team into play and investigate every single threat," said South Sioux City Superintendent, Todd Strom.

Because of those students, authorities were able to track down the student who lives at a trailer park in Sioux City and he was detained for questioning.

"Whether or not a communication of threat against the students directly was uttered or not its still cause, the statement caused this type of disruption and this type of feeling of unrest and fear. So for that reason, the statute of terroristic threats can apply," said South Sioux City Police Lieutenant, Chris Chernock.

That charge would be handed out by Sioux City, South Sioux City has not filed any charges as of yet.

The school did remain on lockout until the investigation was completed, but students were released about 90 minutes ago.


The South Sioux City high school and Middle School went on a lock-out this afternoon .

The schools Director of Communications tells us it is a precautionary measure after a threat was found on social media.

School Officlas say everyone is safe and police are investigating.

We will update this story as soon as more details are available.

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