South Sioux City HS goes into lockdown after student makes threat

South Sioux City HS goes into lockdown after student makes threat


A South Sioux City High School student has been detained after making a threat earlier today, putting that school on lockdown for a brief period around noon.

The South Sioux City High School went on lockdown around twelve o'clock because of that threat but the student was detained within fifteen minutes.

The student made a verbal threat and walked out of class, this was enough for the teacher to report the threat to the officer inside the school.

Authorities were then on scene in under ten minutes and the school was put on lockdown with the surrounding schools being put on lockout.

Chief Ed Mahon, of the South Sioux City PD said, "Nobody wants to overreact but no one can afford to under-react so if we hear anything going at the school, it's almost all hands on deck. The officers get there as quickly and as safely as they can and once there if they aren't needed they can leave but you never know."

After the student was detained, the high school was put on lockout, something the Superintendent tells me is protocol.

"That also gives us more of a chance to contact the parents, the stakeholders across the community, you as the media, we want to make that communication as quick and as clear as we can," said Superintendent Todd Strom, of the SSCCD.

Authorities wouldn't tell us what the exact threat was from the student.

Chief Mahon told me that no weapons were found on the student and he believes at no point in time were the students or staff in any real danger.


The South Sioux City High School is currently on a lockout, after a high school student made a verbal threat around 12:00 pm.

The nearby schools, South Sioux City Middle School and Cardinal Elementary went into a lockout procedure as well.

The School District says the student has been detained by officers.

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