South Sioux City Police officers donate time to displaced residents

South Sioux City Police officers donate time to displaced residents

We are on day thirteen of the Anderson Farms Grain Elevator saga.

Almost two weeks after the grain elevator exploded, work continues to find a way to bring the structure down.

With the contractor adding extra wires to the elevator so they can attempt another pull-down.

"When he first started this he had the first of next week, this is the first of next week so everything he's gotten done before this, hasn't been successful but he's made a lot of progress," said Police Chief Ed Mahon.

That progress brings hope to the evacuees who have been out of their homes for nearly two weeks.

South Sioux City authorities are trying to be as accommodating to the residents as they can.

Mahon said, "If they want to come in, we try to limit them to five minutes but we're going to try and extend that as much as we can so they can get a little more access to their homes."

Not only with the evacuees have more access to their homes but some members of the South Sioux City Police Department have offered to mow yards for the residents who can't get to their property.

"As we can we're going to try and get their yards mowed, if we can. If they want us to and they agree to let us do it. So that's a positive step, I hope and always thinking of new ways we can help the people who are out of their house," said Mahon.

One officer who donated his time was Lt. Chris Chernock, who says it's important to help out anyway they can.

Chernock said, "These are good people, this isn't the first time we encountered these folks, this is a small town. This is what we do, we live together here and when somebody stumbles you reach out and you try to grab them and try to keep them from hitting the ground."

And with South Sioux City being such a small community, it's not as if just these evacuees are being affected but the whole town.

"We live here too and these are our neighbors. And we just want to help them," said Chernock.

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