Supervisors discuss Emergency Services future

Supervisors discuss Emergency Services future

Earlier this month the Supervisors rejected a request by Emergency Services Director, Gary Brown, to hire three new paramedics.

This would provide that service to rural residents by expanding the county's existing ambulance service out of Climbing Hill.

Last night, supervisor Rocky De Witt met with emergency services providers at Climbing Hill to listen to their concerns about the future of Siouxland Paramedics after their service ends.

"We'll still have one solid paramedic on the crew out there in Climbing Hill, that will be available. It is not a 24/7 coverage but we are working on plans to get that resolved,” said De Witt.

Last week, Brown told Siouxland News that he believes EMS should be treated and funded as an essential service.

That's something Board Chairman , Matthew Ung , says he agrees with in principle.

"I do agree that EMS should be considered an essential service. When the county is faced with this sort of a choice and there is all this input from the rural mayors, in my mind we want to involve those rural mayors as much as possible,” said Ung.

Ung says it's possible the County's Emergency Management Association, a board comprised of all the mayors in Woodbury County could use its authority to hire the new paramedics and raise taxes to pay for them.

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