Suspect wanted in Sioux Falls double homicide arrested in South Sioux City standoff

    Suspect wanted in Sioux Falls double homicide arrested in South Sioux City standoff


    More details about last night's arrest of a double murder suspect.

    Manuel Frias appeared in Dakota County Court this morning where he was charged with both 1st and 2nd degree murder and manslaughter in connection with a shooting January 5th in Sioux Falls that killed two people.

    South Sioux Police say they got a tip from US Marshals that Frias was inside a house on "B" Street in South Sioux City.

    They helped Marshals set up a perimeter around that house just after 5:30 PM yesterday and began trying to contact Frias to negotiate with him.

    Around 9:30 PM, Frias walked out of the house and surrendered without incident.

    He is being held in the Dakota County Jail on a $1 million dollar bond. Frias is awaiting extradition back to Sioux Falls.


    A standoff in South Sioux City ends with Marshals arresting one of Siouxland's Most Wanted and a suspected double murderer.

    The US Marshals and South Sioux City Police surrounded a home on the 1800 block of B Street in South Sioux around 5:30 this evening.

    The combined SWAT Team with members from Dakota County Sheriff's Office and South Sioux City Police Department, approached the home and a 10-year-old came out of the house. South Sioux City Police Chief Ed Mahon said the boy is not a hostage, and is said to be a resident of the home.

    As SWAT entered the home just after 9:30, they found Manuel Frias, who was featured on Siouxland's Most Wanted last Monday for his role in a suspected double homicide earlier this month in Sioux Falls.

    Frias reportedly surrendered to the SWAT team upon entry. He was wanted for that murder, after what police say, a drug deal gone bad.

    Police in Sioux Falls have arrested 7 other people in their search for Frias and a suspected female accomplice was arrested in Minnesota last week.




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