Symphony CEO warns of ticket scam ahead of "West Side Story" weekend run

Symphony CEO warns of ticket scam ahead of "West Side Story" weekend run

Just a couple weeks ago we told you about people being overcharged by online resale sites for tickets to the Abu Bekr Shrine Circus.

Now fans of the Sioux City Symphony are being warned of an outright scam.

The Sioux City Symphony will be showing West Side Story this weekend at two times, Saturday, April 21st at 7:30 and Sunday, April 22nd at 3:00.

This is important to know, because Symphony CEO Travis Morgan told me this afternoon that fraudulent ticket websites are advertising a Sunday, April 22nd show at 7:30.

That show doesn't exist and people who are purchasing these tickets are being scammed.

"We looked into it and sure enough there are some sites on there, actually the first two that you pull up on Google, that when you click on them, they're selling tickets for a Sunday matinee show for West Side Story and people are going to be really disappointed when they get here at 7:30 on Sunday and there's nothing going on cause we don't have that show," said Morgan.

Morgan said the tickets are also being advertised at a much higher price then they actually are and says there's a simple solution for anyone wanting to get tickets.

"Just the best way to do it is go to the Sioux City symphony website or Sioux City symphony dot org get your tickets that way, you can go to the Tyson box office, you can call us, that's probably the best way to do it, just call. Just avoid those big sites," Morgan said.

So far, Morgan knows of only one person who has seen the tickets on two fraudulent sites.

For the correct link to buy tickets online, visit or visit the box office at the Tyson Events Center or Orpheum Theatre.

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