Tanzania Children are One Step Closer to Going Home

Tanzania Children are One Step Closer to Going Home

The three are from Tanzania. And a farewell party for them was held this afternoon at Mercy Medical Center. Their progress during such a short time has astounded medical professionals from two continents.

"I'm feeling good because of the great care of the doctors and nurse."

That was Wilson who was one of the three survivors of the bus crash that took 33 others lives in Tanzania nearly three months ago.

Wilson was joined by Sadhia and Doreen as they make their way back to Tanzania after making almost full recoveries.

Doreen who couldn't walk when she first got to Sioux City but is now using crutches.

Dr. Larry Volz of Mercy Medical Center said, “She twitched her leg and lifted it about ten degrees and we kind of knew at that point Doreen was going to walk again. And I think that's kind of a moment that will probably stick with me for the rest of my life."

As for Sadhia and Wilson are well on their way back to a normal life.

Dr. Elias, Tanzanian Doctor said, “Their function performance is tremendous, better than we could have expected."

And this normalcy is something Dr. Vollz said he's glad he's got to witness after all the children have been through.

"I think emotionally seeing the kids you know back to being normal kids again, laughing, joking, and smiling, and you can just see that grief and sadness and pain is all off their face now."

With an event of this magnitude the ties between Tanzania and America are now stronger than ever before.

"All Tanzanians are celebrating and they understand and believe and trust all the Americans, and they are celebrating. It's because of these Americans from the United States of America the lives of our children have been saved."

Now that the children are going home, Sadhia has one last message for everyone.

"I'll miss you all and may God bless you all for helping us."

The three are expected to fly back to Tanzania next Wednesday. The same non- profit agency that brought them to Sioux City, Samaritan's Purse, is also flying them home.

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