Team running across country for cancer stops in Sioux City

Team running across country for cancer stops in Sioux City

The visit marks the halfway point for this year's 4k for Cancer, a cross- country trip for six teams and this one is heading from San Francisco to Boston.

Each runner had to raise 45- hundred dollars and train for 18 weeks before setting out.

All the members say they don't let the heat or any other obstacles get to them because they're all doing it for one reason.

They're running , for a purpose.

"My grandmother on my dad sides specially she had colon cancer," says runner Karan Narula.

"The main reason why I'm doing this is for my grandfather Stanley Boyce," says runner Samuel Snyder.

"My dad was actually diagnosed with cancer," says runner Sawako Suzuki.

To raise awareness , for their loved ones and even strangers.

"Today's for Aunt Lin, today's for Bibi and Linda, today's for Linda and Tracy,"says runners.

Two dozen young adults around the country come together to run across the country for seven weeks to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

"There are three running teams and three biking teams. The running teams start on the West Coast and run to the East Coast. We're team Boston," says Snyder.

"Where are we from? San Francisco! Where are we going ? Boston," runners chant.

They're traveling through Route 50, Yellow Stone National Park all the way to the Windy City and finally to finally end in Boston.

If you see them out running you may notice their yellow and blue track suites and something else.

"We write on our arms and legs every day why we're doing it," Karan Narula.

One runner is doing it for her dad.

"He's actually a survivor, he's very happy I'm doing something like this," says Sawako Suzuki.

All and all, each member's goal is to make a positive impact in the cancer community and raise money.

"Just to be the team that ran across America to find the cure," runners sing.

All of the money donated goes to the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

If you're not into running 4 thousand miles, there's other options to help raise awareness.

One of them being to just donate on this link to contribute.

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