Theater community rallies behind member with MS with new equipment

    Theater community rallies behind member

    The theater community is a strong family and when one of their own needs assistance with anything they come together as one.

    For Roxie Keane, it was a night to remember after friends and family revealed her new state of the art exercise chair

    Keane has been a long- time supporter for New Stage Players and was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS.

    Today the group hosted a silent auction and bake sale with the communities’ donations going towards equipment expenses for Keane.

    The equipment was flown in from Los Angeles and assists MS patients by helping them move their legs to prevent the progression of the disease.

    “Tonight, is an example of how people can come together as a community people helping each other help a little here. She is going to get a machine that is going to dramatically improve her strength, her mental health, her coordination, and her flexibility,” said Jim Rosen, President of Global Kindness.

    “She always has wonderful things to say about other people and time for us to say we love you Roxie!” said Kristy Treymayne.

    Keen says, she hopes her experience brings awareness for communities to reach out and helps others dealing with similar conditions.

    “When I come here and give them my love they give their love right back to me. If anything can be gained from this other than the fact that there is so much support for me here which I can hardly believe it. It's just touching but I hope that people will maybe start thinking about how they can in their communities for people whatever their illness maybe can put a fundraiser together like this,” said Roxie Keane, recipient of new equipment.

    This type of medical equipment has helped more than 100,000 patients across the country.

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