Tips to keep in mind before winter hits

Tips to keep in mind before winter hits

When cold, snowy and icy weather hits, there's one place you definitely don't want to be stranded and that place is outside in your car.

That's why it's crucial to build an emergency kit for your vehicle similar to one you'd have in your home.

Emergency Manager Coordinator of Woodbury County, Rebecca Socknat says, "You wanna make sure you know, you have some granola bars, extra clothing, extra blankets. You're typically not in your vehicle as long as maybe you would be in your home."

The kit in your car should supply you with enough food and water long enough for an emergency responder to reach you.

It's also smart to have a small first aid kit, a fully charged phone and even a small shovel.

She says, "We want the citizens of the county to be able to take care of themselves for as long as they can until help can arrive and that way it alleviates a little bit on our responders because there's only so many of them."

Before you head out the door, check the latest forecast and the Department of Transportation websites for road conditions.

In the event you are stuck in a snowbank, be sure to turn off your car and clear out exhaust pipe to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Socknat says, "If you're making short trips but long distance trips too we have you know, a few holidays over the winter season so making sure you're checking the road conditions from your entire trip."

And in case you do run out of water while you're stuck and there is snow on the ground, there's a great tip to keep you hydrated.

"Just make sure you have like a tin coffee cup because then that way in a sense, if there is snow, you could melt that and that'll be additional water."

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