Touchstone Living Center comes together for 13 year old after losing mother

Touchstone Living Center comes together for 13 year old after losing mother

Her former co-workers say Touchstone Living Center lost a terrific friend and a great employee when Charlene Luke passed away last week from a rare lung infection.

One of Luke's co-workers, Jessica Lenz described her as, "The life of the party...she was. She'd make anyone smiled. She'd do anything for anyone that needed so I don't know...she was awesome."

Luke worked at the care center for the past two years and had an incredible impact on so many lives.

Another co-worker Jessica Harbeck said, "Charlene was a fabulous co worker. She always brought high energy to whatever room she walked in. We would sing and dance and have fun."

Luke was the care center's scheduler and always had an open door policy. Her co-workers said that with such a demanding job, Charlene made things a little bit easier.

Lenz said, "You could come to her and talk to her and she always had something encouraging to say. She was always there for anyone. Her office was an open door so anytime you needed anything you could go to her."

Not only has this been tough on the care center but the Luke family as well.

Charlene leaves behind a 13 year old son, A.J., who has already lost his father.

Although she is no longer with us, her co-workers know what she would say to her son.

"She would tell him how much she loved him and that he should never forget her and always do his best in life", Harbeck said.

And they say A.J. was just as helpful as his mom. A woman who always seemed to have a solution for everything.

Harbeck finished by saying, "Touchstone will not be the same without Charlene Luke here."

Tomorrow (Friday, Nov.10) Touchstone is having a bake sale fundraiser to help out.

It will take place from 11AM-5PM in the care center's library.

Touchstone is located at 1800 Indian Hills Drive on the northside of Sioux City.

They will also be accepting cash donations for A.J. and the rest of the Luke family.

The Go Fund Me page link is as follows:

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