Correa-Carmenaty sentenced to life in prison for killing Sheriff's Deputy

UPDATE: Man accused of killing deputy changes plea to "guilty"


(FOX 42) A Judge sentenced Wesley Correa-Carmenaty, 24, to life in prison Thursday morning for the murder of Deputy Mark Burbridge.

Carmenaty recently asked for a plea change and pleaded guilty to 11 other charges including attempted murder, robbery and carjacking.

A Judge sentenced Correa-Carmenaty to life in prison plus 50 years of which he will serve consecutively.

Deputy Burbridge's children read statements to Carmenaty during the hearing calling him a "monster" and saying they share nothing in common except age.

Correa-Carmenaty spoke after his sentence using a translator. He said he "understands the family's pain."

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Wesley Correa Carmenaty, 24, is now asking for a change of plea in the killing of Deputy Mark Burbridge.

Correa- Carmenaty's charged with first degree murder for his role in the death of Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Burbridge back in May.

The county attorney there says Correa- Carmenaty's attorney informed him his client plans to change his plea to guilty and that there has been no plea bargain offered with no charges being dismissed or amended.

Prosecutors say Correa- Carmenaty shot Burbridge and another deputy while escaping from custody after a sentencing hearing in Council Bluffs.

He then carjacked a woman before being arrested in Omaha.

His trial was set to begin this coming Tuesday in Council Bluffs, instead, that is when his plea hearing will take place.

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