Tunnel to Towers 5K run honors the lives of victims lost on 9/11

    Honor and Remember

    Earlier this month, America remembered the 3,000 victims of 9/ 11 in ceremonies across the country.

    Now some local firefighters are gearing up for a run to honor the first responders killed in the attack.

    "It was such a huge day in American History,” said McKenzie Matasovsky. Manager of Membership Engagement.

    On September 11, 2001, everyone was impacted by the tragedy that struck the United States.

    In tribute, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation began in memory of firefighter Stephen Siller who raced on foot to the world trade center that day.

    "We are much stronger as a nation and a firefighter family,” said George Glass, Firefighter with Sioux City Fire Rescue.

    Now, more than 100 participants and firefighters wearing their gear joined the 3-mile run or walk at Chris Larsen Park honoring the sacrifice of NYC firefighters, military, and first responders.

    "We have firefighters participating and it's a nice reminder, yes that event was really far away but we have people willing to do the same thing here,” said Matasovsky.

    "This is how we look like after a fire you know this is how we feel sweaty, tired uncomfortable but in the end its all worth it,” said Glass.

    Sioux City Firefighter George Glass says it is humbling experience to serve and protect the community he grew up in.

    "What our brothers did in New York laying their lives on the line you know the whole nation is grateful and will always be,” said Glass.

    "While it was very tragic everybody pulled together and our country showed how strong our country truly is,” said Matasovsky.

    Stephen Siller's heroic death serving as a reminder to his fellow first responders, to continue his legacy of saving lives.

    "Ultimately that's the cause for everything, if we can save more lives in the future then I think those guys didn't die in vain for it,” said Glass.

    Participants also signed a white flag, which will be on display at same event in New York City next Sunday.

    All the money raised will go to build accessible homes for disabled veterans and the families of first responders who lose their lives in the line of duty.

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