Two arrested after downtown Sioux City shooting

Two arrested after downtown Sioux City shooting

Matthew Lynam, of Sioux City, and a juvenile, are both under arrest after a reported shooting Wednesday night, February 14th, just before 6:30 PM at 14th & Pierce Streets in Sioux City.

When Sioux City police got there, they found quite a few people in different areas of the residential neighborhood who were involved.

Officers found spent bullet casings, determining two shootings had happened.

After investigating, police found that, even though there were two separate incidents, the suspects were related to both.

Some of the people involved were taken to the police department for questioning, while one victim was found and determined to have been assaulted.

That person was taken to the hospital for observation.

Shortly after, a handgun was found, matching the same caliber of the spent casings.

That gun is believed to have been involved in both shootings.

Lynam and a juvenile have both been arrested.

The juvenile's name is not being released at this time.

This incident is still under investigation.

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