Two men traveling hundreds of miles on paddle boat, stop by Sioux City

Two men traveling hundreds of miles on paddle boat, stop by Sioux City

It's a journey hundreds of miles in the making. Two men have been traveling on a paddle wheeler since November of last year. They started in Cincinnati, Ohio and this afternoon, they made sure to stop by Siouxland.

For Caleb Gilkerson and Wesley Williams, traveling upstream is second nature.

"And any day we make over 40 miles, has been a real rewarding day," said Gilkerson.

Together, the two men have been embarking on a journey, taking on an authentic paddle wheeler all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio.

A life-long dream for Gilkerson, who owns a business called Steamboat Incorporated.

"My mind has drifted away to the river and often times I just wanted to go where it goes," said Gilkerson.

The trip started in November and one month ago, they headed down to Illinois and began their trip through the Missouri River, bringing them right to the boat ramp at Sioux City's Riverfront. Williams owns the boat.

"You don't get to do a trip like this, once in a lifetime, travel the whole Missouri River," said Williams.

But the trip hasn't been easy. The two, not only battling the challenges with rough waters, but rough equipment.

"Every now and then we'll break down or something will happen and it will really bring us down for awhile but so far we've always been able to overcome any problems that we've had," said Williams.

Despite the highs and super lows, make-shift beds, overheating motors and water pump failure, the duo won't let those difficulties stop them from fulfilling their journey.

"We left the boat running on shallow water. All it does, sucks up the sand and tears these water pumps apart. We always leave that hear to remind us to make sure you turn it off," said Williams.

"You are the only way that things are going to keep moving forward, you find a way," said Gilkerson.

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