Two youngsters experience first flight in preparation for Special Olympics trip

Two youngsters experience first flight in preparation for Special Olympics trip

Meet J.J. and Estrella, neither have ever been on a plane but on this day they are taking a ride in this.

These two will be taking a flight to Washington next summer because their bowling team qualified for Special Olympics Bowling.

With these never having an experience like this, Dee Sturgeon their coach, thought a practice run before the actual trip would be a good idea.

Sturgeon said, "I think it's for them to, the anxiety of being away from their family cause they aren't going to be with their family for the whole their in Washington State. That this will at least get them so they aren't going to be afraid of flying without a family member."

And as for the kids who went up, how'd they think their practice run went?

For J.J. he had one thing he enjoyed.

Derek said, "When you were up in the air, flying around, what was your favorite part?

Landing," said J.J. Reeg-Beckner.

But for Estrella, it was a different story.

Estrella Tejeda said, "It was fun"

Derek said, "And what was so fun about it?"

"Like flying up in the air and like looking down at the people and the cars and stuff," said Estrella.

While the kids were experiencing their first plane ride, down on the ground, J.J.'s mother looked on in excitement seeing her son do something out of his comfort zone.

"When they leave for Seattle next July, I didn't want him to be nervous about going up in a plane. I wanted that nervousness you know, just excitement and nervous about the Olympics not him worrying about his plane ride," said Jen Reeg-beckner.

And none of this would have been possible with Rick Alter the pilot who donated his time to take the children up.

"Both of these kids did really good, they just sat back and enjoyed the flight," said Alter.

The plane rides lasted about ten minutes for each of them, getting two full circles around Martin Air Field.

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