Tyson and Orpheum management vote delayed

Tyson and Orpheum management vote delayed

After a 3 hour long meeting, the majority of the council members agreed they need another week to hear input on the Tyson Event's Center and Orpheum management.

Spectra is the private firm bidding for that job and attended tonight's meeting to answer any questions the council had.

Over the weekend, Dan Moore took time to create a list of pros and cons of changing the building's current management versus keeping things as they are.

He determined he still needs more time to reflect.

He said, "I wanted to have that time, one week is all it's not very long...but I wanted to have that time so the public could take in what we've talked about because actually, until I pulled it together this weekend, I was real scattered on my thought process."

Council member Alex Watters said he respected Moore's decision but feels he has his mind made up.

He stated, "Personally, I feel that I'm prepared to make that decision and that determination. I think I talked about the benefits that I saw with private management. But ultimately, council member Moore's said that he would like more public input and the opportunity for that and I want to respect my fellow council members."

Rhonda Capron disagreed with the two others and said she would've like to vote on the matter tonight.

The council will meet again next Monday to discuss matters further and hopefully, make a final decision.

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