Tyson Events Center releases security guidelines ahead of busy event weekend

Courtesy: Tyson Events Center

This weekend's Bull Riding show at the Tyson Events Center is the first in a new security regime at the arena.

The Tyson Events Center keeps attracting bigger and bigger names, with that they wanted to beef up security.

This weekend the Tyson will be hosting Barnes Bull Riding Challenge, its first big event since Spectra's management takeover and will be using new security measures.

Those taking in bags will need to have their bags a certain size.

Bags can not be higher than five and half inches and can not be longer than eight and half inches.

The Tyson is also cutting back the items that they are allowing into the venues.

Some of the ones worth mentioning weapons including lawfully concealed firearms, laser pointers, and any type of recording devices.

Lastly, the Tyson is offering tips to help patrons get through these new security measures faster.

The Tyson staff suggests arriving early, packing lightly, and to limit the items you carry with you into the venue.

These new changes also come days after the Tyson announced they will be using walk through metal detectors for this event as well.

A similar policy is expected to take effect at the Orpheum Theatre once that facility's new metal detectors are installed next weekend.

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