UnityPoint Health-St. Luke's offers class to help expecting moms

    Unitypoint Health-St. Luke's offers class to help expecting moms

    Pregnancy can be a stressful time for women but one of the most stressful times can be when it comes time for birth.

    Today UnityPoint Health - St. Luke’s staff members had the opportunity to learn techniques in a class aimed at reducing some of that stress for new moms in Siouxland.

    There are several activities that can help prepare mothers for the birth of their child.

    Even something as simple as walking or other exercises, can help ease delivery.

    "It's all about how we ease labor and make pregnancy more comfortable,” said Tammy Ryan, Spinning Babies Trainer.

    More than 20 doulas and labor and delivery professionals from UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's learned about exercises that can help mothers with poorly- positioned infants have an easier and natural birth.

    "So, this is an approach in birth it’s not new this is going back to physiological birth,” said Ryan.

    Spinning Babies workshops aim to improve the physical relationship between the bodies of both mother and baby in preparation for labor.

    They use labor patterns and identify the baby's current position to help the baby rotate effectively in the uterus and pelvis.

    "To be able to say that all of these staff members are trained in Spinning Babies here at the hospital and only here at this hospital is really amazing and a wonderful opportunity for parents to birth here and have that one and one support and help with these techniques when they come to be in labor,” said Amaris Garcia, Childbirth Educator/Volunteer Doula Program Coordinator.

    The workshop demonstrated daily exercises that help relieve stress on the mother’s muscles.

    That provides the mother more comfort during pregnancy and also gives the baby more space.

    “Mom's job is to dilate, the babies job is to rotate and they have to work in unison to do this,” said Ryan.

    By performing these exercises, mothers can have shorter births and reduce the risks associated with having a C-section.

    "It really reduces the risk of C-Section because they are making more space for the baby in their pelvis and helping find that balance that can prevent unnecessary C-sections for failure to progress."

    Tammy Ryan is one of six Spinning Babies trainers internationally and says these approaches can help align and navigate the baby during labor... minimizing discomfort and complications.

    "They get stuck in labor and its going long they can do one of these techniques and suddenly their labor just takes off and baby comes and they don't need a C-section,” said Garcia.

    By having staff members equipped to assist parents during labor, Ryan hopes it can help an ease mother's labor experience.

    Unity Point Health St. Luke's is one of the only hospitals in the country offering this program.

    For more information on upcoming Spinning Babies Parent Class in Sioux City click here.

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