UPDATE: Police ID man involved in Saturday's stand-off

UPDATE: Police ID man involved in Saturday's stand-off

UPDATE: Monday 3/19/2018: Sioux City Police have released the name of the man involved in the stand-off on Saturday on the 1900 block of Helmer St. as Robby Rusk, 58, of Sioux City.

Police say Rusk is currently being treated at a local hospital.

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2:00 PM UPDATE: Sioux City Police and SWAT crews are still on scene at a home on West 19th and Helmer on Sioux City's Westside.

At least a dozen shots have been heard coming from inside the residence.

Police have made contact with the man inside the home, but he has not responded to contact attempts since 12:30 this afternoon.

Family members did arrive on scene around 1:00 p.m.

Police and SWAT officers did making entry into the home moments ago.

Upon entering the home, police did find a man unresponsive inside the residence, but no traumatic injuries were apparent at the time.

He did have a pulse and was transferred to the hospital.

Police do not know what or how many weapons are in the home but they do have a search warrant to search the home.

At this time, they do not believe the shots that were fired by the man in the home were aimed at police.

Police did not fire any weapons during this incident.

More than a dozen officers were on scene during the stand-off.

12:30 PM UPDATE: Sioux City Police and SWAT are at a home located on W. 19th and Helmer in Sioux City.

They are warning all residents to stay inside their homes.

At least 12 shots have been fired from inside the home, where a man is said to be inside.

Police don't know if anyone else is in the home.

Negotiators are currently on scene trying to resolve the issue peacefully.

Police arrived at the home at 11:02 a.m.

Currently W.19th between John and West is closed.

This is a developing story, we will update this story as more details become available.

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