U.S.S. Sioux City crew members in Siouxland for Veteran's Day

U.S.S. Sioux City crew members in Siouxland for Veteran's Day

Members of the crew of the U.S.S Sioux City are back in town for the Veterans' Day Holiday and they were welcomed to town in a big way this morning.

At a special breakfast for the crew at the Sioux City Country Club, Beef Products Incorporated's CEO Eldon Roth donated $100,000 dollars to the ship's Commissioning Committee.

"The goal is to raise $800,000 to $1 million in total. We hope to have somewhere between $250,000-$350,000 raised from the Siouxland community. We also have commissioning activities in Annapolis, Maryland and Washington D.C., so we're quite confident and we're off to a great start. We've got tremendous momentum and the gift from BPI definitely adds to that," Chris McGowan, president of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce.

That money will be used to pay for the commissioning of the ship as well as fund the support of the crew during her service in the Navy.

"It is great, as we move forward towards commissioning, It's good to know that we have the support of the city of Sioux City behind us as we look forward to commissioning the ship. Sioux City is going to be with this ship for thirty, forty years, so the earlier we start to build upon these relationships, I think it'll be beneficial to our crew for generations to come," Lieutenant Commander Chavius Lewis said.

After breakfast, the crew headed out into the Community for a long schedule of events, including a visit with members of the Sioux City School District's Air Force Junior ROTC detachment.

The sailors met with the cadets and talked with them about life in the military, answering any questions they had about the service and its benefits to them.

"It's the fact that we managed to explain anything, any doubts, any curiosity they had. All the way from how can we help through college and how can they join and how can they be part of the nations biggest navy and the worlds biggest navy," said Amaia Maldonado with the U.S.S. Sioux City.

Tomorrow, the crew will be at South Sioux City Middle School and the Sioux City Public Museum for Veterans' Day Ceremonies.

The crew also making a stop out to the Siouxland News Studios here in Dakota Dunes as part of their visit to Sioux City.

They talked about their mission here this weekend, looking to build a strong bond between the crew and the city their ship is named for over the Veterans' Day weekend.

"So, our goal is to maintain a strong bond, not only with the commissioning committee but the citizens of the city's of the ship's namesake, so here we've come to participate in community relations events," said Lieutenant Commander Chavius Lewis.

The crew will dine with firefighters tonight at Fire Station 1.

They will also take in Musketeers Hockey Game on Saturday night.

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