Video translators improve patient treatment in Storm Lake

Video translators at BVRMC help treat patients.

Storm Lake, Iowa is a melting pot of middle America. About 80% of the student population is non-white.

Now, the local hospital has started using new technology to better treat patients who speak a wide variety of languages.

Buena Vista Regional Medical Center is offering a unique form of video language translators called STRATUS video to help treat hospital patients.

Buena Vista Regional Medical Center first learned of this technology from Unity Point and decided last fall they wanted to put this technology into practice.

"It's just like your everyday average iPad. You push a button and push the language that you want to speak, and within 30 seconds, an interpreter is available," said Carrie Turnquist, Executive Director of Human Resources for Buena Vista Regional Medical Center.

There are ninteen languages available on video interpretation, and over 200 languages on audio interpretation, making it very diverse and helpful.

"These interpreters are medically certified," Turnquist added, "So they have the medical background to help us communicate best with our patients."

Kathy Jones works in rehabilitation at Buena Vista Regional Medical Center as a physical therapist, and she enjoys the efficiency and convenience of the Stratus video translator.

"The interpreter actually can see you and your patient, so when we are teaching exercises, they can see what we see as well, so that helps with the interpretation," said Jones.

"I think the important thing is for our patients to receive the best care and quality, and part of that is overall service and communication. And having an interpreter onsite, or another source of interpreting, Stratus video was an answer to our question," said Turnquist.

Buena Vista Regional Medical Center currently has 8 Stratus Video units at the hospital and its clinics. They plan to add more if the demand continues to go up.

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