Winnebago Tribe takes over operation of Winnebago Hospital

Winnebago Tribe takes over operation of Winnebago Hospital

The Winnebago tribe of Nebraska council has officially voted to take over operation of the Winnebago Hospital.

The Tribe's requesting to take control under the self-governance process created by the Indian self determination and education assistance act.

Now, the Tribe is requesting the Indian Health Service or IHS enter into negotiations so the tribe can officially operate the hospital.

This move comes two years after the hospital lost it's Medicaid certification.

The Tribal council decided that after two years of the IHS failing to restore the certification, it was time for a change.

"We're excited to redesign the programs, functions, and services and use those dollars to maximize the health care outcomes for our people. It's through this tribal initiative that we can cut through that federal bureaucracy that sometimes impedes the progress and the outcomes we hope for at IHS," said Winnebago Tribal Councilwoman, Victoria Kitcheyan.

Kitcheyan said the backlash from the public was welcomed and just shows how passionate the Winnebago people are.

She said, "So it just shows that we need to do more outreach with our membership for the folks that aren't attending the tribal council meetings or that might not be reading the Winnebago Indian news. So it's important we use other channels such as Facebook and you. We highlighted our website and we will be putting a wealth of information up there. "

Now the council turns getting the hospital back its CMS certification.

Some of the steps taken in that direction include naming a new CFO and getting a new medicaid provider number.

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