Woman traveling all 48 states on horse for domestic violence awareness visits Nebraska

    Woman traveling all 48 states on horse for domestic violence awareness visits Nebraska

    One woman's ride across the United States on horseback has led her to into our tri- state region.

    For Meredith and her horse Apollo its been a ride spanning over 5,000 miles and across seventeen different states.

    Their mission? Raising awareness for domestic violence.

    17 states have seen the sight of Meredith and Apollo walking down a busy highway.

    This time the duo is traveling along highway twelve heading to Ponca apart of their trip across Nebraska.

    They've been riding and walking together for almost two years now, but their story starts over a decade ago.

    "I was in an abusive relationship for about a dozen years, and when I left that, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and I wanted to travel and I wanted to finally own my first horse," said Cherry.

    So, Cherry bought Apollo and took three years to plan a ride across the 48 land locked states, with only one goal in mind, raising awareness for domestic violence.

    Cherry said, 'If I was going to take off this much time of my life to go travel around, that I wanted to do it for a good reason."

    And since Cherry has felt the effects of domestic violence first hand, this was something she felt passionate about, and was an easy choice for her ride.

    "It's going on all the time, everywhere, no matter what your background is, you know, no matter how much money you have, no matter what race you are, it happens to men and women," said Cherry.

    On her journey Cherry has met many people, she says it's these people she hopes to get talking about the issue because talking can help bring change.

    She said, "It needs to be talked about more that there's a stigma around it that people are ashamed saying that they are being abused or have been abused and so they don't talk about it. Maybe if we help break that stigma, that maybe people who haven't yet gotten into that situation can avoid it."

    Normally Meredith and Apollo take back roads or side streets to their destination, since they couldn't avoid the highway today she walked Apollo instead of rode.


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