Woodbury County discusses paramedic services

Woodbury County discusses paramedic services

The future of paramedic service in rural Woodbury County was the topic of discussion at a town hall meeting tonight at Western Iowa Tech Community College.

Emergency Services Director Gary Brown emphasized the need for advanced life support which include paramedics, in addition to the basic life support currently offered by volunteer EMTs in Woodbury County.

Brown added, "Paramedics make a huge difference. EMTs are the backbone of our system. Paramedics bring that higher level of care. The expertise, the drugs, the tools that are needed to make a difference in patients lives."

Woodbury County finance director Dennis Butler suggested three different options to offer these advanced paramedic services which amount to a total budget request close to $300,000.

Ideally, a decision needs to be made by February 20th or else Woodbury County could be left without advanced paramedic coverage.

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