Woodbury County Sheriff's Office to be featured on television show for 2016 pursuit

    Woodbury County Sheriff's Office to be featured on television show for 2016 pursuit

    The Woodbury County Sheriff's Office will be showcased on a television show next week.

    That show is called "Body Cam" and is on the Investigation Discovery channel.

    The show showcases how law enforcement handle situations through body cam footage.

    The situation they used here in Woodbury County was from 2016 when a man didn't pull over, leading to a high speed pursuit, and eventual arrest of the suspect.

    Speeds reached more than 100 miles per hour along rural Woodbury County roads in that pursuit.

    Deputy Tyler Milton wore the body cam and it will be his footage that will be shown on "Body Cams."

    "Body cam video, even though it doesn't tell the whole story, it tells quite a bit of it. And I've seen this show already and I think they do a very good job with the television show, showing what law enforcement officers deal with everyday," said Major Todd Wieck.

    Using footage from body and dash cams puts viewers right in the action, seeing what law enforcement sees.

    Wieck said, "It's the perspective we have or what we're getting when we are actually dealing with the situation. You get a good idea of how fast this stuff unfolds."

    Giving viewers that perspective made the decision to take part in the show a no brainer for the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office.

    Wieck says he doesn't worry about having facts being skewed or having the department portrayed negatively in any way.

    He said, "Not only are they using the body cam and the dash cam video but they are also including the deputies and the officers that were wearing those cameras to do the narration about what happened. So that you get that first-hand take on what happened."

    With all that happens in Woodbury County, how did the office decide which pursuit to send into the show?

    Well, it was one of the most memorable chases, due to where the suspect ended up.

    "How the whole thing progressed with the guy jumping into the sewage lagoon, kind of added a little bit of different twist to it. I think that's why they are using it. You know the guy was silly enough to jump into a sewage thinking he was going to be safe in there and that we were just going to walk away and leave him there I guess, I'm not exactly sure what he was thinking and we'll never know," said Wieck.

    Major Wieck told us he will be watching when the show airs, but he told us since he was pretty involved in the pursuit he's eager to see how it turns out.

    "Body Cam" airs Tuesday, February 12th at 9:00 o'clock on Investigation Discovery channel

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