Woodbury County looks to buy land near Correctionville; plus an update on AG Expo

Woodbury County's looking to buy acres of land near Correctionville

Woodbury County's looking to buy nearly 200 acres of land near Correctionville.

That land is located near Little Sioux Park and includes a 76-acre gravel reserve with a large sand pile underneath which will save the county money on repairs to gravel roads.

North of that, the county is also acquiring 108 acres and all 184 acres will eventually be added to Little Sioux Park.

"It's not very often that you can get good land that will serve two purposes, so conservation and secondary roads, so it'll just be a nice, nice deal," said Rocky DeWitt, county chairperson.

The board also gave an update on the funding for the proposed Bomgaars Ag Expo Center in Sioux City's old Stockyards.

The city asked the county to contribute $150,000 per year for 10 years instead of a $1.5 million lump sum like the Board proposed last week.

"Now that the city's up front, we've asked them to split the interest cost and we're waiting for a response from the city. That was passed last week," said DeWitt.

We'll continue following the developments on this story as we hear more about the city's response.

The Board also adopting rules on where fireworks can be sold in the county restricting those sales to commercially-zoned property and banning them from private property and roadsides.

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