Your car could make you vulnerable to hackers

Infotainment Dangers

Car infotainment systems are almost standard in newer cars.

They link to your phone and help with directions, hands free calling, and much more - but the minute you connect your phone to your car, you may also be connecting to something more sinister: hackers who can use your car’s connection to your phone to steal your information.

"Most of the time immediately it’s your contacts, phone numbers, and if you use apps when you're plugged into the system. That data stays behind," cyber security expert Chris Humphries said.

In a Siouxland News special report, we'll share the two important things you should do before you leave your car to protect your private information.

Infotainment Data Dangers Nov. 22 on Siouxland News at 9:00 on Fox 44 and 10:00 on KMEG 14.

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