Arlington National Cemetery running out of room

Cropped Photo: Courtesy: U.S. Army via MGN Online

Thousands of people will visit Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day to honor our service men and woman who fell in the line of duty.

But the cemetery faces a problem: it's running out of room.

The cemetery was established in 1864 and has 624 acres.

Right now, it has a little over 100,000 burial spaces and averages about 30 burials a day.

That means by the year 2041 - it'll be out of room.

“This year going on right now, we have an ongoing's very sharp, very focused on eligibility. And it asks us about limiting eligibility,” Karen Durham-Aguilera|army with the National Military Cemeteries said. “We could restrict eligibility to those active duty, who perish on active duty, medal of honor recipients, and valor awards.”

Cemetery leaders say if they end up adding those types of restrictions - the cemetery can remain open for generations to come.

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