Girl Scouts place flags on veterans' graves in honor of Veterans Day

Girl Scouts place American flags on veterans graves in honor of Veterans Day. (NTV News)

In honor of Veterans Day, more than 40 kids spent Friday morning in Grand Island Cemetery.

Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Cub Scout packs placed around 1,000 flags throughout the cemetery.

Kids' voices echoed across the cemetery Friday morning as they put a flag on each veteran's grave.

"Cause they served our country," said girl scout Jada Smith.

"It all started with wanting to have something for my Girl Scouts to do for Veterans Day to show respect," troop leader Brittany Korensky said.

The cemetery told her that this would be the first flag placement in a few years.

"I really wanted to make a difference and show my girls, one person can make a difference. And to make them feel like they're doing something for the veterans," said Korensky.

More than 1,300 veterans rest in the cemetery and most without flags.

"For me, it's all about giving back to the people that have helped us," Korensky said.

On the south side of the cemetery, 194 Civil War vets lay.

"We're putting flags on the graves," said Girl Scout Hayden DeBoer.

"I just wanted to make it important to them to show respect to those people who have fought for our country," said Korensky.

Due to the children's young ages, she said this was one way to teach them the importance of Veterans Day.

"If I can even do that for one of these kids and you saw there is even little itty-bitties helping out today," she said.

Through their service, she's also teaching them a lesson.

"I could feel bad about there not being flags. I could've bought one hundred of them. Nope, we aren't leaving one undone. If I have to go buy more flags and come back, we're going to do it because it's important that you finish the job and find the respect for these people," said Korensky.

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