Lydia KnoxMeteorologist

Connect With Lydia Knox

Lydia Knox is the weekend meteorologist and a multimedia journalist for KMEG 14 and Fox 44. Lydia grew up in a small town named Brookfield in Connecticut-a little over an hour’s drive from New York City. She graduated from Penn State in 2017 with a degree in meteorology.

Lydia developed an interest for environmental and atmospheric science from a young age. When asked why she studied meteorology, she said the weather is a fascinating topic that is always changing and affects everyone on a daily basis. The summer before her senior year, Lydia had the wonderful opportunity to intern at the NBC Connecticut station in West Hartford. She worked with six different meteorologists and learned various aspects of the television industry.

Lydia loved her time at Penn State and especially enjoyed attending the college football games. She was fortunate enough to attend both the Pinstripe Bowl game in 2014 and the Rose Bowl in 2017.

Lydia loves running, playing tennis and skiing! She lives an active lifestyle and loves communicating with others. She is excited to be a part of such a friendly team and to explore the Midwest!