Hometown Farmer - Burbach's Countryside Dairy yogurt

    Burbach's Countryside Dairy near Hartington, Neb., recently started packaging yogurt, which is for sale in roughly 80 stores around the region.

    Burbach's Countryside Dairy near Hartington, Neb. is processing it's first new product in 12 years.

    If you're looking for a taste, it comes in blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and vanilla.

    Dean Burbach was proud of doing things the old-fashioned way when we first visited for "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer" in 2014.

    Burbach's Countryside Dairy puts milk in glass bottles using mid-century equipment.

    But, there's a new machine making noise here, now.

    "We wanted another product on the shelf and yogurt seemed like something we could do," said Burbach. "And we found out we can."

    Making yogurt seemed like a logical step.

    The dairy already has the cows and the milk.

    Plus, making the yogurt isn't an overly-complicated process.

    "Heating the milk up to the right temperature, adding the right cultures to it and waiting the right amount of time," said Burbach.

    Since July, a new and highly-specialized machine in a brand new part of the dairy building fills yogurt cups with either blueberry, strawberry, raspberry or vanilla and, of course, yogurt.

    Plus, it's all-natural, too!

    "We don't add any extras," said Burbach.

    It's a new product for an old-fashioned business.

    For a list of locations where you can find the yogurt and the Burbach milk, please visit: burbachscountrysidedairy.com.

    If you think of a farmer that might be great on "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," please email Jake at: jheller@siouxlandnews.com.

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