Hometown Farmer - Crop report

Hometown Farmer - Crop report

"There's corn out here boys, there is really corn out here," said Joel Schuiteman, from behind the wheel of his Case IH 7230 combine, while harvesting a field in Sioux County on Halloween day.

You could really hear the excitement in his voice, too.

He says the corn is doing really well this season, with yields averaging around 260 bushels per acre.

Those are good numbers, even with the challenges during both growing and harvesting seasons.

One of which is the wind.

High winds could topple grain carts or make it very hard to put out a fire if one started.

"That's what our biggest concerns are," said Schuiteman.

Not to mention wet weather a few weeks ago.

Joel was trying to get the beans harvested, then.

"When it was that five inches of rain, we had most of the beans out, I think, but it was tough," said Schuiteman. "We didn't get going there for quite a while."

Joel combines between four and five thousand acres a year.

Even with the rain, he doesn't feel like the weather has held him back.

"I don't feel we're too terribly far behind yet," said Schuiteman. "Last year at this time I think we were in the same area."

The beans he harvested were getting around 80 bushels per acre.

All in all, for the long, hot and dry summer we had, from where Joel's sitting in the cab of his combine, the harvest looks pretty great.

"It's unbelievable," said Schuiteman. "And this year, for sure, it's crazy how good it is."

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