Hometown Farmer - Cutts Farms Swine Finishing Unit

    The Cutts family is preparing to open a new 2,400 head swine finishing unit on their farm near Yankton, S.D.

    The Cutts family has farmed near Yankton, S.D. for generations.

    This year, they're trying something new.

    "Heaters for heating the building in the winter-time, circulation fans for the summer-time," said Frank Cutts, giving a tour of a brand new building, almost ready for it's first couple-thousand new residents.

    "This is a 2,400 head swine finishing unit," said Cutts.

    The pigs will be 55 lbs. when they first arrive, enough to keep Frank pretty busy, besides classes in agriculture business at Mitchell Technical Institute, and the rest of the farm work, too.

    "We usually start calving around March, so we're getting about to that time when we start calving," said Cutts.

    His parents and two other brothers raise 80 head of cattle and a couple-thousand acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

    Now, they're adding a whole lot of hogs to mix!

    But this building, the first of three the family hopes to put up, will help with the work.

    And that's all thanks to some state-of-the-art automation inside.

    "Say you run out of feed on one side, it'll send an alert to your phone to come up and change the bin," said Cutts.

    It has specialized watering systems and sprinklers, too.

    It's a big business venture, but one the Cutts family hopes will help keep the farm more efficient.

    "Trying to lower our carbon footprint," said Cutts. "We won't have to rely on petroleum-based fertilizers as much anymore, because we'll be getting our nitrogen from the hog manure, so that'll be lowering our cost of production to kind of make our farm have a better profit at the end of the year and be more sustainable."

    The hogs are set to arrive February 18th.

    Before then, though, since Cutts Farms is joining the Yankton Chamber of Commerce, there's an open house for the public and a ribbon cutting.

    It'll be February 2nd, the location will be:

    44466 304th St.,
    Mission Hill, S.D.

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