Hometown Farmer - Gundy's Farmers Market

Hometown Farmer - Gundy's Farmers Market

It's winter-time right now, but "Gundy's Farmers Market" in Yankton, South Dakota is still open for business.

In the middle of town, right next to the pizza place, you'll find "Gundy's Farmers Market."

"In the summer this kind of gets to be a passage-way of vegetables," said Jon Gunderson, giving a tour of his shoppe.

Gunderson and his family have run this farm market for 15 years.

"I enjoy the connection I have with the consumer," said Jon. "We have a bond there, you know."

The business turned into a year-round affair after his customers demanded it!

"People told me, 'well, we've got to eat all year, so can you sell to us in the winter, too?'" said Jon. "So, it ended up being a year-round farmer market, which is something that's pretty hard to find."

A big seller here? The meat.

"And that's a t-bone steak," said Jon, pointing to a huge steak. "The grilling season's not too far off."

The meat Jon sells is all locally grown, there are a lot of grass-fed varieties, too.

"The fat from grass-finished beef and grass-finished lamb is a good fat for you," said Jon.

And people really like the stock bones. They're good for the marrow, you know. And they make good broth.

Jon sells veggies and eggs, too.

So, the next time you're in Yankton and stop for a pizza, make sure to stop by Gundy's and see what's fresh from the farm.

Jon says he's also fixing up an old school bus to turn into a mobile farm market.

It'll be ready this summer.

Find out more about the Farmers market here: www.facebook.com/Gundys-Farmers-Market

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