Hometown Farmer - Harvest Moon Farm

Hometown Farmer - Harvest Moon Farm

When the school group arrives, you know it's time for fun!

"I love fall, I love it," said Terry Wallerstedt with a smile! "I love to decorate in the fall, I love every part of it."

Wallerstedt says it wasn't always this way at her Harvest Moon Farm near Oakland, Ne.

"We were open one weekend, it was so much work I said I am never doing that again," said Wallerstedt.

That was back in 2007.

Her three youngest kids wanted to start something.

"They wanted to grow pumpkins and sell them by the side of the road," said Wallerstedt.

The pumpkins are here, now, and so are a lot of attractions and animals.

You can find "Dolly" the llama, along with Earl and Billy the goats.

There are "bounce pads" for the kids to jump out some excess energy.

Wallerstedt says she wanted to bring a big city pumpkin patch experience here, to the country.

"All the things that the big pumpkin patches have, just in a smaller setting," said Wallerstedt.

Families and kids have fun every fall.

Harvest Moon is open seven weekends now.

And the fun doesn't end with a change in season, either, turns out the barn is a perfect place for a wedding.

"We have about 14 weddings every summer," said Wallerstedt.

She says Harvest Moon is a perfect place for fall fun.

"I enjoy people, I enjoy the kids, I enjoy the teachers, the parents, it's just fun to talk to everybody," said Wallerstedt. "I love seeing them have a great time together and build relationships."

There are zip lines, a corn maze and even adult tricycles.

If you want to find hours and days the business is open, as well as find out about special events and additional attractions, please visit: harvestmoonoakland.com.

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