Hometown Farmer - Hot Heels

Hometown Farmer - Hot Heels

The Copenhaver family has a shop near Hinton, Iowa.

The dummies they make there help team ropers all around the world.

"When you're pulling it, it's going to have the head moving and the legs moving," said Jennifer Copenhaver, describing one of the roping dummies.

Her family started the business in 2002, out of a garage.

These days you can find the Hot Heels name everywhere.,

"Italy, Brazil, Australia, we have one in Norway," said Copenhaver. "We have one gentleman in Norway who's very proud to say he's got the first Hot Heels in Norway."

Jennifer and her husband Keith, along with hired-man Gary, make and sell the team-roping dummies, meant to help hone skills on the rodeo circuit.

It's basically a steer you don't have to feed.

Another bonus? It won't outgrow roping.

The Crossfire Supreme model the latest and greatest.

"It actually picks up, sets down in the ground, kicks the dirt up, just like a real steer would do," said Copenhaver. "We're trying to make the most realistic steer on the market."

For the kids, or the kids at heart, Hot Heels makes a toy dummy, too.

"It winds up just like the Hot Wheels cars, so you pull it back, it winds all up and you push a trigger and it goes forward," said Copenhaver. "That was pretty hard to keep in stock over Christmas."

And if all that wasn't enough, this family-owned business will sell you a boat anchor of their own design.

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You can find out more about the boat anchors at:

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