Hometown Farmer - Lobo Gun Leather

    Hometown Farmer - Lobo Gun Leather

    Farming isn't easy, especially when "Mother Nature" destroys your entire operation.

    If you're Mark Fedders, and that happens to you, you start over.

    "Right about over in that area was a door," said Mark, pointing to a now open area in his shop.

    If you look around, Fedders Poultry Farm looks a little different these days.

    "It was kind of one of those leaps of faith," said Fedders, talking about the last year of his life. "It was either that or go to town and try to find a job."

    Instead, Mark brought the job to him.

    "I mean, it's just two completely different worlds," said Mark.

    Mark and his family used to pack 70,000 eggs an hour in his shop building, back when his family raised chickens.

    But that all changed when the bird flu hit the farm in spring 2015.

    "The first week of May, we had no birds left," said Mark.

    Mark and his son Matthew already worked with leather, but after the bird flu, this father decided to take a leap of faith.

    He bought Lobo Gun Leather from a guy in Colorado, tools and everything.

    "(I) Took the whole family over to Pueblo and spent the week there in his shop," said Mark.

    Now, in the new remodeled leather shop outside of Orange City, it's a family operation.

    A dad and two sons making specialty items, but mainly holsters.

    Lobo Gun Leather makes about 30 holster every week.

    Mark and his family can make a lot of custom designs, too.

    Check out everything they have to offer here: lobogunleathers.com

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