Hometown Farmer - National 4-H Week

Hometown Farmer - National 4-H Week

A lot of young farm kids are in 4-H, but the group is so much more than just agriculture.

"I know," said Debbie Erpelding, 4-H Youth Coordinator for Cherokee County, looking at a brand new tool box full of goodies. "It was like Christmas when it came!"

This "Christmas-in-a-box" was on display at the Iowa State Extension Office in Cherokee County, full of new tools to help 4-H kids.

Erpelding won the tool box after applying for a STEM Grant with the state of Iowa.

"A lot of people think that 4-H is just for kids who live on the farm," said Erpelding. "And that is completely wrong."

National 4-H Week ran from Oct. 1st - 7th this year.

And the group isn't only about showing animals at the fair, the 186 kids in 4-H in Cherokee County put together some great projects.

"Here we have a 4-H'er showing her livestock," said Erpelding, pointing to a wooden board. "But this is also a project that she made to display her stuff."

The projects run the gamut from livestock displays to scientific research.

"So this is an information poster," said Erpelding, pointing to a poster board. "And he also did give an education presentation on this project."

If you want to see some of the Cherokee County 4-H projects in person, you're going to have a chance all month long.

Many of them will be on display at the Sanford Museum in Cherokee.

Chances are there is something going on your kid could be interested in at your local 4-H office.

"We are looking at starting a sewing 4-H club this year," said Erpelding, pointing out a quilting project.

Even if you don't live on a farm, 4-H might have something for you.

"Even if you're in high school and you're new joining, we can still find something that would interest and excite you," said Erpelding.

It costs $20 to join 4-H.

If you're interested, the office in Cherokee County is having an open house October 11th, 2017, from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

The office is located at:

209 Centennial Dr.,

Cherokee, IA

You can also find out more information at: extension.iastate.edu/cherokee/4h

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