Hometown Farmer - Paul Logemann

Farmer Paul Logemann designs houses in his spare time out of his basement, near Bancroft, Neb.

We all have hobbies, right?

This week in "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," we're going to meet a guy who turned a hobby into a career, twice!

A foggy day out on the farm doesn't stop Paul Logemann from getting a lot of work done.

He really loves what he does in his basement office.

"I would be unable to design my own house, because it would look like a Picasso painting," said Logemann. "It would have a little bit of everything in it!"

When this farmer isn't farming, he's drawing up house plans.

He learned the craft in high school, then turned it into a full-time job.

He decided he needed a change back in 2009, though.

"Dad was going to retire up here, I was kind of a weekend farmer, I'd come up here and help on the weekend," said Logemann. "(My) Older brother said 'you need to do a career change, or we've got to hire a full-time guy.'"

He farms full-time with his brother now, raising corn and soybeans near Bancroft, Nebraska.

But when the field isn't keeping him busy, just look for him in the basement, where he could be drawing up plans for houses that could be built anywhere from Omaha, to West Point, to Wisner.

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