Hometown Farmer - Peterson Farm Machinery Museum

Hometown Farmer - Peterson Farm Machinery Museum

We're surrounded by farms and farming machinery here in Siouxland.

And when you think about, it's really amazing how far technology has come in the past century.

We're taking a look back into farming history this week in "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," with a visit to the Farm Machinery Museum in Peterson, Iowa.

Bob Donahoo is one of the experts when it comes to farm history in the small town of Peterson.

And that history's easy to see at the Farm Machinery Museum.

"Two water barrels inside, you had the stove that you sat out on the prairie," said Michael Hyde, of "Peterson Heritage," describing a goat herder wagon inside the museum.

Peterson Heritage is a group that, since the '70s, has been dedicated to preserving the history of their Clay county town.

"The first courthouse was here, the first church, the first frame house," said Hyde.

The Heritage is a small group with a big mission, and a lot to show for it so far.

Inside this particular museum, visitors can see a wagon that made an extraordinary trip.

"Adolph Tigges and Gus Kirchner and August Tigges took (this wagon) to YellowStone in 1898," said Hyde. "And if you can imagine, it took them 3 months to get out there and come back."

To corn shellers and even wagons that seem small by today's standards.

"That would've held their whole crop," exclaimed Hyde.

You can even see a small visual history of barbed wire that was used on the prairie.

When you visit the museum, you're really taking a step back and looking into a past that seems so different, but really isn't that far behind us.

"When you think about how difficult life was for these people, and yet they made the best of it," said Hyde. "And the more kids you had, the better off your were, because you had more workers."

There are a *lot* of other museums in the small town of Peterson.

Check out this Facebook page to learn more: facebook.com/Peterson-Heritage-Inc

If you're interested in seeing a farmer you know on TV, nominate them for "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer" by emailing Jake at: jheller@siouxlandnews.com.

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