Hometown Farmer - Pink Pumpkins

Hometown Farmer - Pink Pumpkins

Students at MMCRU are growing a unique way to help in the fight against breast cancer.

See how the land some gorgeous gourds are growing on is helping students spark a spirit of seeding and sowing.

"It's as pink as a pumpkin can get," said Sam Schroeder, Future Farmer's of America and Agriculture Teacher at Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn/Remsen-Union, talking about the pink pumpkins growing near Marcus.

Schroeder learned of the pink pumpkins from the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation at the National F.F.A. Convention last year.

But, her students aren't just growing pink gourds, they're growing four varieties of pumpkins.

"We have our jumbos, our jack-o-lanterns, our mini-jacks, and our pink ones," said Schroeder.

The pumpkins are growing on roughly eight acres of land, just outside of town.

"It's close enough to the school that we're able to run out here for about 20 minutes and they get to run around and pick pumpkins," said Schroeder. "Also, check the hybrids, see how the test plot's doing as well."

The land is being donated by a local farmer named James Mayer.

"I'm so happy that we have an FFA program at our school now," said Mayer.

Ten hybrid varieties of corn are growing here at the test plot, the students helped plant it.

"The whole FFA came out," said Mayer. "There were about 30 kids out here."

The students aren't just harvesting pink pumpkins, they'll harvest that corn, too.

It'll go to the local ethanol plant afterwards.

"We're not only trying to educate, but also show what could be there for jobs when they get out of high school, if not college," said Mayer.

A small donation of land, hoping to be a big inspiration for these kids.

If you want to buy one of those pink pumpkins, money helps support breast cancer research.

They're for sale at football and volleyball games at MMCRU.

You can stop by the school to pick one up as well.

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