Hometown Farmer - Prairie Rose Equestrian Center

Hometown Farmer - Prairie Rose Equestrian Center

There can be a pretty strong bond between person and animal, and that's exactly what you'll find with the people who work at the Prairie Rose Equestrian Center in Sioux City.

When Cathy Perley retired a few years ago, she wanted to take horse riding lessons.

"Then I bought several horses and then we bought the farm," said Perley. "And now we have an equestrian center."

Prairie Rose Equestrian Center is just north of Sioux City.

"They tease me that I was born with my butt in the saddle," said Jenny Linton, Horse Manager at Prairie Rose.

Linton's a partner in the business.

She says the center gives a lot of different types of riding lessons, to just about every age-range of person.

"We do western and english," said Linton. "I have some gamers that do barrel racing and pole-bending and things like that."

Among the amenities, you'll find a big indoor arena.

"After work, at night, on a winter evening, (customers) take their horse out of the stall, pop it into the indoor arena and enjoy a winter ride," said Perley.

Horses can be boarded here, and they're turned out to roam every day.

Among the horses inside: Cathy's horse, named Casper.

If you visit, just look around.

What started as a few lessons, turned into an equestrian center, sure, but ended up being something more.

A bond between person and horse.

"They don't need to let us ride them, or to handle them, or to groom them," said Perley. "They don't need to do that, but when you bump into a horse that you connect with, it's like a magic bond."

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