Hometown Farmer - Roni Daale & Co. Greenhouse

Hometown Farmer - Roni Daale & Co. Greenhouse

Sometimes it's not the plants themselves, but what they're planted "in" that become a treasure!

Roni Daale has a lot of jobs at her greenhouse. in Fairview, SD.

"Designer, operator, owner," said Daale.

She's proficient in planting, too!

Over the past few days she helped give thousands of plants new homes.

There are 10,000 planted now at the Roni Daale & Co. Greenhouse.

"This is what happens after a busy weekend," said Daale.

It's still very early in the growing season, but if you ask Roni, even after 18 years in business, she'll tell you planting seedlings isn't *quite* her favorite part of the job.

"I do not have a green thumb, I did not go to college for this," said Daale. "So it's all been kind of a learning curve as we've gone over the years."

Daale's fun comes from found objects.

"If it has a rusty hole in it, it's perfect," said Daale.

She loves what she calls "treasure plantings."

They're "found pieces" that make perfect planters, from family heirlooms to hauls from antique stores.

"These are my fun things to do, my creative things," said Daale. "So I have a barn where I've started collecting a lot of things to start planting up."

She says it's a great way to make the same old flowers seem new.

"Everything about that container changes, everybody's experience of it changes to something else," said Daale. "It's like 'oh yeah, my grandma had petunias, but they never looked like that!'"

Roni's greenhouse is set to open the third weekend in April.

Find out more at: davedaale.com/Roni.html

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