Hometown Farmer - Small's Fruit Farm

Hometown Farmer - Small's Fruit Farm

This is one of the busiest times of the year at Small's Fruit Farm near Mondamin, IA.

The Small family grows all the fall favorites you'd expect, and their fruit stand is open all year long!

"We do our own carameled apples here," said Renee Small, walking past a display of caramel apples at her family fruit stand near Mondamin.

From hand-crafted, like the caramel apples, to the locally grown, you'll find a lot for sale at Small's Fruit Farm.

There are 28 varieties of apples growing in the 33 acres on the farm, from Golden Delicious and Johnathan, to Gala, just to name a few.

"We had a really nice crop," said Renee. "We're getting toward the end of the season, we have, I think, four varieties left to pick."

The apples look pretty good this year, but they aren't the only fall favorites growing at Small's Fruit Farm.

The pumpkins are easy to spot, but there's more.

"Asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, then we have a greenhouse, we start all of our other vegetables in," said Renee. "Tomatoes and green beans and everything."

Small's Fruit Farm is open all-year-'round.

The place might be famous for the apples, but Renee says they've always grown that large variety.

"My husband's fifth generation, and as long as he can remember they've done everything else," said Renee.

The apples can keep you busy all year long, though, from Trimming in the winter to "baking."

"I make about 3,00 pies a year to sell here in our building," said Renee.

If you come out this season for some fresh fruit, you won't have to worry about the apples going bad anytime soon.

"If you keep'em refridgerated, they'll keep months," said Renee. "We have'em in our cooler, in our walk-in cooler until May."

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To find out more about Small's Fruit Farm, please visit: smallsfruitfarm.com.

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