Hometown Farmer - Spring feeling 2018

Hometown Farmer - Spring feeling 2018

It hasn't looked or felt like spring much in 2018 so far, so Siouxland News at Sunrise Anchor Jacob Heller takes a look back at some of the most spring-like "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer" stories of the last few years.

To find out more about the stories featured here, please visit:

Rocking M: siouxlandnews.com/sunrise/proud-to-be-a-hometown-farmer/hometown-farmer-rocking-m

South Sioux Community Orchard: siouxlandnews.com/sunrise/proud-to-be-a-hometown-farmer/hometown-farmer-south-sioux-community-orchard

J & R Sod: siouxlandnews.com/sunrise/proud-to-be-a-hometown-farmer/hometown-farmer-j-r-sod

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