Hometown Farmer - St. Teresa Garden

Hometown Farmer - St. Teresa Garden

Just past I-29, there's a little garden at the St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church in Dakota Dunes.

And if you look, you'll find more than one Mary there.

"Radishes, onions, carrots are kind of peeking through," said Mary Grasso, one of those volunteers.

Mary Parker loves helping out, too.

"We have tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers," said Parker. "We have watermelon and cantaloupe and zucchini."

Both volunteer to take care of the land, basically a free garden for parishioners with its brand new sprinkler system.

It's great opportunity for both of'em, because neither can have a vegetable garden at home.

"I have flowers, though, lots of flowers," said Grasso.

It's a great way for church-goers to mingle, too and maybe grow things they normally wouldn't.

"They just like to try new stuff," said Parker. "This year we have someone that planted pumpkins that are supposed to weigh 2,000 lbs."

The garden allows these seasons gardeners to learn some new tips and tricks.

"You should put a banana under the tomato plant, because it gives it potassium," said Grasso, relaying a tip told to her by a fellow parishioner and master gardener. "So we do that!"

But the best part of the garden?

It has a giving mission.

Extra produce gets handed out to fellow parish members, the rest gets donated.

"We take it to one of the food pantries," said Parker, talking about the extra produce. "The last year was the Gospel Mission."

In the meantime, these two volunteer gardeners can't wait to see what'll pop up.

"Three or four different varieties of pumpkins," said Grasso, pointing out different areas of the garden. "We're especially looking forward to the 2,000 lb. one."

The donation last year wasn't small, either.

Parker says the church garden donated 500 lbs. of extra produce to the the Gospel Mission.

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