Hometown Farmer - Vintage Beef

"Beef the way you remember it" is how the family describes the beef for sale at "Vintage Beef" near Charter Oak, Iowa.

Do you know where your food comes from?

Where it's grown or raised?

That's important to the business we're featuring in "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer" this week: Vintage Beef, near Charter Oak, Iowa.

"This is getting more and more popular, people are really enjoying the quality of this," said Aaron Gress, pointing out a cut of meat in a storage freezer at his farm on a cold Tuesday morning.

Gress realized his family raised good beef when they ran out and had to use store-bought for supper.

Much to the dismay of one of his three sons.

"We made hamburgers one night and he just spit it out and he said, 'Wow, I am not eating that,'" said Gress. "And I thought, you know, we might be on to something, here."

That's how Vintage Beef was born.

The business got off the ground in January, 2017.

"We had good quality beef, so, you know, maybe we should offer it to someone else," said Gress.

"Beef the way you remember it" is how the family describes it, in a business surrounded by history.

The "headquarters" building is an old Charter Oak Railroad Depot.

What sets the final product apart?

The cows live pretty stress free lives.

They eat a special diet, too, made up partly of kelp.

Yeah, the algae.

"It's supposed to help with meat quality, but it enhances the immune system," said Gress. "Less chance for sickness, you know."

Gress says his customers also love knowing the beef they serve at supper-time is locally-grown!

"That seems to be getting more and more important to people," said Gress.

Vintage beef offers everything from hamburgers to steaks, roast to ribs and everything in between.

If you'd like to learn more about what the Gress family has for sale, please visit: gressfarms.com or facebook.com/vintagebeeffarms.

Don't forget to let us know if you've got a farmer you'd like to see on "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer" by nominating with an email to Jake at: jheller@siouxlandnews.com.

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